Are you tired of paying for expensive toys that your baby shows no interest in? Well, there are plenty of ways to create your very own fun baby toys . . . without having to resort to expensive materials. These are far more likely to be interesting to your baby, and if they aren’t . . . well, it doesn’t matter!


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Take the nylon mesh that your onions or melons come in and stuff some sheets of colorful cellophane inside. Tie the tube off well so your baby can’t pull the cellophane out and let her crinkle away. This toy is great for two reasons, one, the noise is fun for kids and not annoying to parents, and two, the mesh and cellophane offers interesting textures for tiny tots to explore.

Curtain Ring Chain

To make this super simple toy, you just need some big round plastic curtain rings. If you can, get some different colors, but your baby will like it even if you can only buy one color. To assemble the toy, simple push each ring onto another one to form a chain. Babies adore dangling and tugging on this toy. Wash the rings before you give them to your little one, though, since he will also want to chew on them. Oh, and make sure that any curtain rings you buy are at least 3″ in diameter so they aren’t a choking hazard.


Floaty Foamies

Need some inexpensive bath toys? Buy some bright colored craft foam and make your own! This is super easy, just draw a bunch of sea animals, between 3-5″ long, and cut them out. These fun toys will float in the bathtub, are nice and easy to grab and are fun to stick to the tub wall! You can even make a bath book by cutting four or five squares of foam, punching two holes along one side and tying them together with plastic lace. Write and draw with permanent markers and you have a book that can go in the tub and be chewed on.



Foot Pillows

Trace your baby’s foot or yours on a piece of felt. Cut out two of the shape, from the same color or from two different colors. Sew around the edge of the foot, leaving a 2″ hole along one side. Stuff with cotton batting and include a couple of little jingle bells. Sew closed and let your baby play with this soft noise maker. There’s no need to turn the foot inside out, since felt won’t fray, you can just sew around the outside edges, making this even simpler.


Baby Bubble Bottle

You’ll need a clear plastic bottle, water bottles work well. Take the label off and fill the bottle 2/3 with water. Add a few drops of food coloring to make a nice colorful water and then add vegetable oil to just below the cap. Screw the cap on tightly (you may want to tape it as well) and let your baby shake the bottle to watch the oil form bubbles that move slowly through the water.Last 5 posts in Baby Toys

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